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Youth Development

Youth DevelopmentYouth Development

Working with the Associations, the YMCA will promote our youth mission within the New Zealand community and internationally.

For the YMCA, enabling Associations at a national level and representation and advocacy at an international level, is the key activity. This is seen as a process, rather than an outcome. This process consists of:

  • Youth Engagement - Actively engaging or involving young people into healthy mind, body and soul activities, through active recreation, education and community engagement.
  • Youth Development - Building, growing or improving young people’s internal assets, skills and abilities.
  • Youth Empowerment - Young people impact their communities in positive and intentional ways. As a YMCA network we deliberately design our programmes/activities/facilities as required by each community we work in. Young people are encouraged to move through the stages of engagement, development and empowerment with their communities.

The Y will encourage our Associations to be a platform from which empowered young people can impact their community. The Y Associations can provide their space, networks, connection, mentorship and support to encourage young people to make this impact.

The Y will encourage and wherever possible enable Associations to create the supportive environment in which young people can feel empowered.

You can check out YMCA International to learn more about the global movement.